Frequently Asked Questions by Program Directors

    How will candidates be applying to my programs this year?

    If you are the Program Director of an accredited program, candidates will be applying to your program via ERAS The matching process will be conducted by the NRMP If your program is not accredited by ABOG/ABU, candidates will apply to your program directly. Non-accredited programs will no longer be able to participate in the NRMP match. AUGS will continue to provide information regarding non-accredited programs through the AUGS website. For important dates, visit the ERAS and NRMP websites. In addition to deadlines set by ERAS, individual programs may set their own deadlines for first and last date for receiving applications. Programs are encouraged to list these dates on the AUGS web site if they so prefer.

    My program is accredited. How do I register with ERAS?

    Newly accredited programs interested in participating with ERAS are required to submit a formal request. Please complete the New Program Submission Form  and select Submit by E-mail. Please send all forms to

    The process is as follows:

    Programs Already Listed In ERAS
    - Access ERAS Account Maintenance System at:
    - Enter Login and Password and follow prompts to request change in status
    - If you do not know your login and password, contact ERAS HelpDesk, 202 828-0413
    - Click on the tab for “ERAS Participation”
    - Click on the drop down box and select the appropriate status
    - Enter additional comments if necessary
    - Click the “Save” button

    Programs Newly Accredited
    - a copy of the accreditation letter must be faxed to Hasan Mahmood at (202) 828-1129. Also include contact information for the program: Program Director Name and program contact information (address/city/state/zip, telephone number, program e-mail)
    - an account for the new program will be created in ERAS
    - an ERAS representative will contact the program to assist in gaining access to the Program Director’s Workstation (PDWS)
    - It could take up to 10 business days for the program to be loaded to our systems

    Why is there no information regarding the match on the ERAS website?

    ERAS is a system for applying to fellowship/residency programs. The match between programs and candidates is run by NRMP Links to NRMP are provided on the ERAS website.

    How will I obtain applications for candidates applying via ERAS?

    Once you register your program with ERAS, ERAS will provide you with instructions to gain access to the Program Director’s Workstation (PDWS) to view, filter, review, evaluate, interview and rank applications.

    I am the Program Director of a non-accredited program. Can candidates graduating from my program take the subspecialty examination?

    Once the subspecialty examination is in place, only candidates graduating from accredited programs will be allowed to take this examination. If the program is accredited by the time the candidate graduates, he or she will be allowed to take the examination.

    I am the Program Director of a non-accredited program. What is the process of getting accreditation?

    In order to gain accreditation, the program has to submit a formal application to ABOG/ABU. After review of the application, the Board will schedule a site visit. Detailed information on the accreditation process is available on the ABOG

    My program is structured as a 3-year fellowship. I prefer that all candidates (Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as Urology trained) complete 3-year fellowships. Is this possible?

    The minimal length of training for candidates is laid out in General and Special Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in the Subspecialty of FPMRS. The optimal length of training for incoming candidates will ultimately be determined by the Program Director of each program.

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